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Osaka, Japan
Proposal for urban greenspace

Spring 2014, Studio
Jesse Reiser

This project seeks to work simultaneously in plan and perspective as a way to operate in opposition to standard master planning strategies. It uses a series of perspective views as a design generator for the whole site. Furthermore, this project reconsiders what “greenspace” is by attempting to implement picturesque techniques like the ha-ha and the parallax effects of snaking paths with urban materials like asphalt and concrete. In contrast to traditional picturesque landscapes, this site has a strong graphic shape when looked at from the tall buildings above. Rather than dictate the plan, the perspectives feed back into it. These strategies required a different kind of drawing technique—one which could collapse plan and perspective. Key perspectives are marked with camera points and the plan is warped for each target view by dramatically reducing the lens length. The plan changes according to each view. 

Plan, camera points + Planspective, views 1–20

Umekita Skatepark, Views 1–20