Interactive Installation

Fall 2014
Ryan Johns, Design and Technology Seminar

In collaboration with Sonia Flamberg, Dalma Foldesi, and Regina Teng

We present an interactive process for experimenting with complex light effects produced by reflective objects at the scale of a room. The reflective object scatters the light of a single projector into a complex pattern on all walls of the enclosure. The user/designer of the space is able to intuitively manipulate the scattered light by rotating the reflective object by means of an Arduino-powered servo and infrared hand-tracking with a Kinect. Our software maps the relationship between a two-dimensional projected image and the servo’s angle of rotation onto the three-dimensional coordinates of the designer’s hand, and it’s through this mapping that the designer can exercise some control and precision over the location of the unpredictable light effects.

Progress iterations:

Interactive Fabrication, Procedural Fabrication, Material Sensing